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  1. But this happens EVERY TIME I try to extract. ALL of my files can't be corrupted at the same time. Can anybody help me with this?
  2. I've got two zipped files here that won't extract, and I really really need them right this minute. The error says: This archive/split-archive may be corrupted or has missing parts. if you have par2 recovery files, you can verify and/or repair this archive via Tools>>Par2. I did everything I could, chose each of the 3 buttons for each of the two zipped archive files, and nothing has changed. It's got to be something I'm doing. Can someone please assist me with this? Thanks!
  3. Things have been doing well low these many years of using ExScribe, until today. I load files from several different locations and normally the date the file was created loads along with it. But today I noticed when loading a file, the file adopted the date it was loaded and NOT the date it was created. The creation dates are what keep me organized with the great volume of files I have to handle. Is this happening to anyone else and can it be fixed?
  4. I was sent 2 .dct files of a hearing that needs transcribing NOW. I could open part2.dct after a couple of tries, but part1.dct not only refuses to completely downloand, but it actually crashes EScribe. The "loader bar" at the bottom acts like it's downloading, gets to exactly halfway across green, and then it crashes. Can anyone help me with this, please?
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