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  1. To be able to sort by any column on the reports by clicking on the header instead of having every report default to order by item. Low Level Stock Report To be able to have a consolidated low stock order level which gives a total of required stock for all locations against an individual item instead of multiple lines of the same item. To have a column showing the quantity that each location is short of. I know we have actual, ideal and warn, but that leaves you needing to work out how many you are short and when trying to establish what you need at a glance having this column would help.
  2. Yep, that is how it is currently Susan :/ it sucks, agreed - I want to regularly transfer a whole load of items out of storage to replenish sold stock and doing it one at a time is a ball ache... but with any luck the dev's actually read this and will do something about it! Or maybe we are just living in cloud cuckoo land...
  3. Is this thread ever reviewed by NCH developers? Or is it just here to placate the paying customers?
  4. Hi Sheepysheep, Go to Tools > Options > Other. At the bottom, Advanced Settings, tick the Inventoria Synchronization Settings and put in the Access Authentication Code. Hope that helps
  5. Running v3.45 Transfer of stock - I need to be able to transfer more than 1 item per transfer note. Ideally add a column on the item list for the quantity to transfer rather than having the field below the items which would allow the multiple item selection.
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