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  1. Hello, I found a solution. I went into the directory of Express Accounts and deleted all the files in the Misc subdirectory. Then opened again Express Accounts, re-entered my company settings and now it works again. Hope that helps, Regards
  2. Hello, When I want to print or preview an invoice, express accounts freezes and I just have to reboot the computer. I tried to remove all the data and start from a fresh install and it works, but when I use my data, it crashes. Please note that I use 4.76 french version. It worked before I tried to play around with the options to display a better invoice, but it does not work anymore now. Regards,
  3. Hi, I was using 3.7x and I'm now in 3.98
  4. Hello, I just upgraded to the lastest version 3.98 and I have a report option that is now missing "Accounting Report", and it's very problematic because I really need it. I tried to save the data and restore it to a previous version but I have a "IMPORT ERROR"... Any help here ? I don't understand why this report is now missing. Regards
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