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  1. I tried that modem, but it wouldn't detect when calls ended and it wouldn't forward messages to another telephone number.
  2. I've noticed this forum has only problems posted, never solutions. Well, in the hopes of starting a trend, here's how I solved the above. In email settings for the smtp mail host, I entered port address 587 after the smtp address as is in "smtp:sbcglobal.yahoo.com:587". Stumbled upon an ATT site that listed that port as one to use, where as the majority of their instructions for configuring email tell you to use 465.
  3. Good luck. I bought a Way2Call device thinking I was doing everything right. I just about have everything working except that it wont forward a message to a telephone number. It will when I use the simulator, but not a real call. Very frustrating. Also, I've read that since IVM is a 32 bit program, you should use Way2Call's 32 bit drivers. The program was working great on a Windows Xp computer with a $25 Broadxent PCI modem despite all the error messages in the log saying it wouldn't work with that modem. Now that I've made the move to a new computer with windows 7, I can't get this last glitch solved.
  4. After switching to ATT uverse and its Motorola NVG510 router, messages are no longer forwarded to an email address. The program cannnot connect to the smtp server. Any suggestions? If it sheds any light on the problem, the registry key HKLM\software\NCH software\IVM\Routing has an error entry that says "Router configuration required.Please log into your router and add TCP/IP port forwarding from public port 82 to port 82."
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