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  1. Hi, I am using Switch to convert from WMA Lossless files to FLAC. The converted FLAC files come out almost double in size i.e. if I convert a 30MB WMA LSL file, the FLAC output will be about 52MB. Is that normal? I would greatly appreciate any advice with this... Thank you!
  2. Hi everyone, I am reorganizing my WMA Lossless collection, converting everything to FLAC. I noticed that when I rip directly from a CD, as opposed to converting the same song from WMA LSL to FLAC, the file sizes differ: they are about 4MB larger (on average, same compression level and sample rate) if ripped from CD vs converting it (using Switch) from WMA LSL. I'm guessing that would be normal, but I've been wrong before. If it is normal, is there a loss in sound quality? Thank you!
  3. HI, I am trying to convert my WMA Lossless collection to FLAC. I click on "add folder" in Switch, then "convert". I select Output folder "same as source file". It gets confused reading the .ini file plus all the other album art, info etc bundled with the songs in their respective folder. Should I just remove those files from Switch manually or is there a way to do it automatically? Thank you!
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