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  1. I'd love to know the answer to this also. I have two versions of ES, one is 4.05 and the other is 5.26. All I need to know is, will either of these work if / when I upgrade to Maverick? Thank you very much.
  2. Tumbleweed... Is there anyone out there? I'd be so grateful of a reply.
  3. How did it go? I'm worried about upgrading to Maverick in case Express Scribe won't work...
  4. I was about to upgrade from Snow Leopard to Mavericks but a dialogue box came up telling me Express Scribe is not compatible. I have two versions of ES at the moment that I use for different reasons, one is 4.05 and the other is 5.26. Could anyone tell me if either of these will work if I upgrade? I really need to be careful about this as I transcribe for a living. Thanks for any advice.
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