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  1. Bump Anyone with same problem or just me ? Thx
  2. Update, maybe it will help someone As I couldn't get my call-in to work with Acanac ( my home phone number), I registered a free account with Voxalot and thru a Sip Broker local PSTN access line I can get into my IVM now. Thx to the help I got here I was able to set up my IVM so I can call an extension on my Axon now, no matter where that extension is located, also I was able to call out to a variable number using my dial-out plan. Problem is resolved. ) (hopefully) Thx to all who helped.
  3. Cannot open external lines on remote machine, extensions and everything else ok. It works on the local machine. Page tries to open but it stops half way. It was ok till this new 1.31 version. Anyone else with same issue ? Thx
  4. Contacted my phone provider and they say it must be my PBX as their Asterisk is a standard one... So I assume is some setting inside Axon as others complain about similar issues. Could you guys make this "hold call ? signaling" a selectable option in the next update ? Thx P.s. here is a piece of Sip trace I got, just wondering if it would be something in the Allow line ?? 15:36:33 UDP Packet Received from **.**.255.42:5060 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<&
  5. I only have VOIP numbers thru Axon, and yes, if I put the chimes on, it just hangs up at the 1st ring.... Probably some signalling issue between Axon and my provider's Asterisk ( Acanac.ca) Thx
  6. 1st I thought it's a IVM problem but I've found out this : If I put the Group Hold Options while waiting on Basic Hold Chimes, calls coming in from outside VOIP just disconnect right away. If I leave it on Ringing only, it works ok... The log shows my provider uses Asterisk. CSeq: 103 BYE User-Agent: Asterisk PBX Max-Forwards: 70 X-Asterisk-HangupCause: Normal Clearing X-Asterisk-HangupCauseCode: 16 Content-Length: 0 Any ideas ? Thx
  7. After reading thru forums, IVM?? or Axon?? might send something to my home phone provider when puts the call on hold so it disconnects the line ?????? Update : Registered a free Voxalot account and thru Sip broker PSTN local access number works now. So its definitely my provider's Asterisk not working with Axon & IVM properly.
  8. and my work cell, and my wife cell )))) I'm one step closer, thx to you : if i call from a voip to voip line it works. 11:36:45 Incoming SIP call 11:36:47 Ringing on Line 198 detected. Waiting until ring number 3. 11:36:49 VoIP Call Attendant *******267 [Answered] 11:36:49 Answering call... 11:36:50 Answered line [1 "VoIP Call Attendant"] call number [110] cid [*******267] did[198] drn[0 (0ms)] 11:36:50 Play file: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\NCH Swift Sound\IVM\OGMs\VoIP Call Attendant Start.wav 11:36:52 Caller pressed key [*] 11:36:52 Command - Go 11:36:5
  9. I didn't put % around the variable number, will try it this way, thx so much would it work without the id validity check ?
  10. Somebody please help. It's driving me crazy that I can't figure it out. I've been using Axon for about 18 months now, I have 5 voip lines from different countries including my home phone and I'm happy with it. What I'd like to do is to be able to call from my cell my own number, enter a new number then somehow redirect that number to an outgoing one using the existing dial plan. I've been able to configure OGM-s to record the new number as a variable but it just hangs up. I'd like to buy IVM but if I can't figure this out, it's useless. Thx
  11. Thx, the 2nd one is exactly what I'd like to do : to be able to call home from my cell and be able to use one of my outbound lines to call my parents in Europe etc. I have IVM intalled, couldn't figure out yet how to do it, though. Any help to at least where to start would be much appreciated.
  12. Hi, I have multiple VOIP accounts from different countries and 1 Linksys 2102 extension in my house. They work perfect, routing them is very easy. I would like to configure my system, so when I call a VOIP line from my cell , I can transfer my call to another VOIP line. Is it possible ? Thx
  13. Hi, Is it possible to change the Register expires value as it only seems to renew registration every 11 minutes and my provider wants 1 minute. Thx
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