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  1. Hi How do I get a tax report please? I want to know how much VAT was invoiced in the last month. If I go to "invoice reports" I can see the amounts of VAT charged on each invoice but I want the total VAT for all invoices each month without going through and manually adding the individual VAT amounts on each invoice up with a calculator. Thank you.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I have tried doing what you suggested several times. I have entered all the details for the email account in email settings and have done so exactly the same as I did on the old pc (which I still have so can have both screens open to make sure I am doing it the same way). When I press ok I get a brief "checking smtp settings" message and then an even briefer message saying "disconnecting from server." I go back into the email settings and all the information I have entered has disappeared. Please help!
  3. Hi I bought Express Invoice last September. I did it by downloading the free version then paying for it after a few days rather than purchasing a cd (I have version 3.9). I now have a new pc and downloaded the free version onto that pc. I backed up all my data from the old pc and copied it onto the new pc. So far so good. However, I can't email any invoices. It says "not connecting to the server." Is this because it is the free version? The code I was given last September doesn't work - how do I get a new one? I emailed technical support on Monday 10 August but have not had a reply. Please help, invoicing is becoming a nightmare! Thank you
  4. Hi I have been using Express Invoice v 3.90 for a week or so. A couple of times I have gone into my invoice list to add a payment and I get the following message "Customer not found. Please create the customer entry before proceeding with payments." I don't understand why I am getting this message as I have created the invoice, recorded and emailed it to the customer, and it is there with all the others in my invoice list. If I try to go into it another way, by going directly to "Apply payment" from the main screen, rather than through my invoice list, I can find the customer but the outstanding amount is showing as zero and the invoice details are not there, just the customer name. What am I doing wrong please? Most of the invoices seem to be fine, just the odd one or two. Thank you!
  5. Hi I am using Express Invoice v 3.90 (free) for our small business. Seems ideal in most respects but have just one question (at the moment!) Yesterday, I set EI up so that the invoices would be sent from our yahoo.com business email address. When I email the invoice from Express Invoice it does not show in the sent items in our yahoo account. As a test I then set it up so the invoice came from my own personal gmail account and hey presto, it shows in my gmail sent items. Is this a glitch with yahoo does anyone know, or is there some sort of workaround? At the moment I am sending the email to the customer and to the yahoo account so it does at least go into our inbox, but this is a bit of a pain. Many thanks, Megan
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