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  1. OK, after about 5 days of trying to figure this out I found in the SNOM phone settings an option called "Support broken registrar". Turn this option on and inbound calls are working!
  2. Hi, I'm trying out the free version of the Axon PBX before purchase and am having an issue with inbound calls not ringing on my SNOM phone. Outbound calls from the phone are working great. I have configured 1 phone for extension #201, with the external Callcentric line ringing through to this extension. When a call comes in the phone will not ring and the caller is transferred to the built-in Axon voicemail. Oddly, if I route inbound calls to the internal Axon IVR (extension 501), the IVR picks up fine. When reviewing the Axon log file, whenever a call is routed to the extension for the SNOM phone, this is what gets recorded: 17:38:46 Call sip:100@callcentric.com -> 201 17:38:46 Error returned: 404 Not found Can you provide any assistance? At this point I have to assume something needs configured on the SNOM but am unsure. Thanks!
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