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  1. I tried using the IP address but it still didn't work. Below are the settings I currently have:
  2. Hi Paul, I used the default settings for the phone - I only changes the ID, password, proxy, etc. that were given by Axon for the extension number I want to use with the phone. I can post a screenshot of the settings when I get home at the weekend if that'll help. Thanks
  3. Hi, Can anyone tell me how to set up my Grandstream BT101 to work with Axon? I have ExpressTalk working fine with Axon, and mt BT101 works great when connected directly to my Voip Provider. But I can't get the BT101 to work with Axon - It doesn't seem to make any attempt to register, and the display shows that it's not connected. Thanks
  4. I'm new to this so please excuse the (probably) stupid question but..... using Axon and extension groups, can I have more than one incoming call on the same VoiP number, or do I have to have multiple VoiP numbers to receive more than one call at the same time? Thanks
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