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  1. I did some sniffing and compared the INVITE message of X-lite to the INVITE message of Express Talk I found out that the message ends with an extra 0D 0A which is not part of the message body. It seems like that the LANCOM interprets these to extra bytes as a part of the message body, so it thinks that the content-length is two bytes short. I've captured the packet, moderated the content-length (+2) and send it to the lancom. Result: works perfect! Does a NCH engineer reads this forum? Can you tell me why there is an extra 0D 0A? Is it possible to fix this issue? Thanks, Cris
  2. Hi, I'm using a Lancom 1823 Voip. Registring Express Talk works ok. But when I wantto make a call. I get: Error returned: Bad Request -- content length failure X-Lite works perfect. Does anyone know what the problem could be? Is there somekind of debug or trace mode so I can diagnose the problem? Thanks for your help. Cris
  3. P2000W: Software Version Wj.00.11 Bootrom Version B.00.16 Release Date Jul 08 2005 Axon v1.09 No problems at all!
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