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  1. Vapors, Thank you, that is just what I am looking for, including the tutorial on “tracks”, “clips” and so forth. Also, I will check out WavePad as you suggest.Thank you for responding, I appreciate it very much, Dennis Fleming
  2. Hi, Iam no ed it, Thanks your assistance and very prompt reply. However, what happened was they were read in as individual tracks. When I created the new copy what I got is a file that is as long as the longest individual file and all 14 tracks stacked on top of each other. That made for interesting listening for 5 minutes but it was not understandable. As I said, thanks for you quick reply but it seems that there must be one more step to the process. Further help would be appreciated.
  3. I have multiple tracks on a CD which I want to merge into one continuous track. Will MixPad do this? Where would I start? I am totally new to trying to do something like this. I expect part of my problem is one of terminology. The language for processing sound is complex and confusing to me. I have the sense, for example, that the word "clip" is used in multiple ways. Thanks for your help, Dennis Fleming
  4. I have just installed Playpad. I want to build a Playlist. I have several hundred music files. How do I select a subset of them to be put in the Playlist? I want to select, for example, the first 200 files to create the Playlist. Can I select them as a group or do I have to copy them in one by one? Thank you, Dennis Fleming
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