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  1. It occurs to me that if they don't find a way to make this thing compatible with iOS devices, it's useless.
  2. People who attempt to access my stream from my web page are just getting a white rectangle instead of the arrow and info icons. I can use them just fine; they look like they do in the Manual. Works fine otherwise. I guess it's a learning curve, but I could really use the help. Thanks, Erik
  3. I have Axon set up with the Axon Agent and the USB telephony device here ( http://www.altoedge.com/telephony/telephony-usb-board-2-lines.html ). It's set up through my Comcast/Xfinity phone line. The system appears to answer the phone and go into the HOLD mode fine; it plays the message and the chimes. This may sound stupid, but how do I actually pick up a call? The USB unit has a conventional telephone handset input, but when that is plugged in, it just puts the line "off hook." I plan to use a headset to take calls. Suggestions are welcome; thanks ahead of time.
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