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  1. I have nearly got this working, I can make a call from my Cisco 7970 phone to a landline by dialling the following: 8 00 then the number, what I’m trying to do is assign a short code so I do not have to dial the full number all the time, could you take a look at my settings and let me know what I need to change please I created a Trunk called SIP/uplink with the following settings: - Outgoing Settings: Trunk Name = uplink Peer Details: allow=all caninvite=yes canreinvite=yes context=extensions host=dynamic insecure=very nat=yes secret=uplink type=peer&friend username
  2. Ok I will post anyway as I now need to leave the office; this is what I have done so far. I have followed this link to get as far as I have albeit it’s just Uplink connecting to Trixbox but a little lost now and lookng for help Here goes for my configuration I have added a new SIP trunk called “uplink” and in those settings I have: - Under Peer Details: host=dynamic nat=yes secret=uplink type=peer username=uplink I have not got a clue what to put in Outgoing Dial Rules That is it under SIP Trunk On my Inbound Routes I have the following: - DID Number skype@19
  3. I'm having a few problems with Uplink and Asterisk, they can talk to each other so all good there, if I post my set-up could someone help me out please Martyn
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