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  1. This is an absolute joke...I purchased this piece of total rubbish in good faith having used several previous versions without problems, and it will not work on Windows 8 despite their claims. Crashes continually, cross fade doesn't work, no pan and fade, in fact very limited effects and glitches all over the place, and all I get from their 'so called' support is do I want to Beta test another version. Support NEVER answer any of my questions, at all, and when they do reply they are vague and asking me to make a project to show them what isn't working (cross fade will not work with .mpg, .
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    I've tried searching through the forums and while it seems other are having similar problems, I can't seem to find a suitable solution. Having used version 2.41 with no issues at all, we were recently forced to purchase the latest version due to a system crash. Our back up disc would not install the software to the new Windows 8 system. We are trying to put together what should be a very simple video - using the same format as we have successfully used for 5 other films. Yet we cannot get the simple crossfade function to work. It is jumpy and just doesn't work - yet was fine on the
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