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  1. This is an absolute joke...I purchased this piece of total rubbish in good faith having used several previous versions without problems, and it will not work on Windows 8 despite their claims. Crashes continually, cross fade doesn't work, no pan and fade, in fact very limited effects and glitches all over the place, and all I get from their 'so called' support is do I want to Beta test another version. Support NEVER answer any of my questions, at all, and when they do reply they are vague and asking me to make a project to show them what isn't working (cross fade will not work with .mpg, .avi) so pretty basic stuff. It is a shame that they do not spend as much time testing their products prior to release as they do working on sales pitches designed to sell you more stuff. Well, once bitten, as they say, as this rubbish is being deleted, put down to yet another internet scam, and I will now purchase some 'proper' video editing software that has been Beta tested before release. My recommendations is Buyer Beware!
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    I've tried searching through the forums and while it seems other are having similar problems, I can't seem to find a suitable solution. Having used version 2.41 with no issues at all, we were recently forced to purchase the latest version due to a system crash. Our back up disc would not install the software to the new Windows 8 system. We are trying to put together what should be a very simple video - using the same format as we have successfully used for 5 other films. Yet we cannot get the simple crossfade function to work. It is jumpy and just doesn't work - yet was fine on the older version. I have tried the other forum posts regarding this, yet have not had any success, though I may easily be missing the answer or using the wrong search terms And so, is anyone able to help to get a good crossfade in 3.02? Or, does anyone know if it is possible to go back to the version we were very happy with but on Windows 8? I'd really appreciate any advice. Thanks
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