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  1. Hello all, Trying to configure dial dictate to run using an Engin VoIP number. I called Engin to get the proxy/server name but they had no idea what I was talking about. Looking thru the softphone logs it looks like voice.mibroadband.com.au, can anyone confirm ? Also, the server I am using for this is behind a firewall/router (d-link dsl-g604t) with uPnP enabled. I have opened UDP ports for SIP and RTP ( 5060 and 8000 ) thru to the srever. But I am getting this: 14:30:04 DialDictate started 14:30:04 Initializing lines. 14:30:04 Ready to accept calls. 14:30:04 SIP Private IP is:
  2. Not as yet, I was holding on the phone for tech support for ages today and I have fired off an email. If/when I hear I will post the details here.
  3. We too just received a load of .tsh audio files and need to get them converted so that we can load them into Scribe, any help would be appreciated. Thanks
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