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  1. Thanks Dougie, I'm using the NTFS file system so file sizes are not commonly a problem. I write ISO's all the time with much larger finished sizes than this one. As Guru said it seems to be a videopad problem. As usual I'm under the gun and I'm supposed to deliver 10 copies of the video tomorrow. Damn..it's gonna be a late night.
  2. Windows Xp Pro service pack 3 Videopad Video Editor Professional V 3.02
  3. I have a project with two video clips and three text titles. The project is 34 min. and 8 sec long. It previews fine. When I export as an iso the iso creates successfully and looks fine except it only has 25 minutes of the video. It's not a size issue the iso is only .99 GB and fits easily on a DVD. So does anyone have any ideas?
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