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  1. I updated to the newest version. Ever since I did that, my invoices look TERRIBLE! The "SHIP TO" field has the address all squished together/garbled. My business address which is under the logo on the top left side is also squished together. I.E. meaining that my address is 11503, and when I view preview its correct, but when I print it comes out 1503. What is going on here?? Any help would be welcome due to the fact that I have 500 invoices to create and print by the first. Thank you!!!! p.s I did purchase the "help" option, but thus far no answer.
  2. I too have the same issue. I need to pay state sales tax at the end of the month, but this program does not seem to allow a report to be ran to show the amounts broke down???
  3. Hi My issue is this: I run a garbage service, and have three different types of customers to bill. We have the residential customer with tax rate 9.75%, and we have business customers with the 17% tax rate, and the tax exempt customers. How do I get my reports to show all of these totals? As of yet it will only show sales tax exclusive and sales tax inclusive. I need to have the correct amounts due to having to pay the sales tax every month. I did purchase my version of the software, but as of yet it is not very user friendly. Thank you
  4. Hi I am new to the community, has anyone else had problems trying to update to version 3.79? I get an error box that says "Installation cannot be completed because Express Invoice cannot be written to? Please help! Thank you!
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