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    Problem with extension

    It doesn't work! Now I just want AxonVirtual PBX works with my softphone, and I don't know what to do What have I to change in the settings of my softphone? When it works "alone" it's all OK, but i should link it to my PBX, ins't it? I think I should only change the address of the server proxy (instead of sip."myprovider", I shoul set something else). Please Help me, I'm quite disperate! Thanks
  2. lic

    Problem with extension

    Yes! I've three lines and, if one of these is busy, I want to ring the incoming call in onther line.
  3. Hi, I'm a new user and I have some trobule with extensions. I have three lines in my sofphone, and I'd like to transfer incoming calls from one of this lines to onether one. (I've Express talk as softphone)- I thinked i could do this with extensions, but I don't know how to associate the extension to a number I click on "ADD EXTENSION" but then I don't know what to do? Can somebody help me? Thaaaaaaaaanks
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