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  1. One problem solved. I was using the same directory for recording to, as well as "Make a copy to". So i think that may have been the trouble. My computer tech son managed to get my files back. Whew!!! Another problem, as I altered the "Make a copy to" directory, I can't remember what the default directory was. Can someonre help me in this regard. Using Windows7 Home Premium. Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for your reply. I need to show screen shots of what I am trying to explain but not sure how to add them as attachments.
  3. I have been using Golden Records for quite a few years now, (V1.23, I think), but recently I had to "retire" my trusty PC, and consequently I could not restore that version to the new PC and had to purchase a new registration for V1.93 (back in mid November 2012). I found out the hard way that deleting the recorded files from the recorderd list after I had finished with them, ALSO deleted them from the dedicated folder on the external hard drive. This DID NOT happen on the old version. Has there been a change to this feature, or am I missing something? Is there ANY WAY I can recover the d
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