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  1. hmmmm. So there is only one $300 modem on the marke that will work with your product and Win-7? And even that requires patches and registry majic to install? I would say you dont have a product here. How do I get my money back ?
  2. I have tried three different modems whose specs say they are "voice" modems. None will work with TRx. It says the modem is not 100% compatible. Can someone point me to a USB modem that is compatible with TRx INCLUDING Caller ID ?? UPDATE: I have been researching this more. So far I have come to the conclusion that there are NO modems that: - USB connect - Work with Win-7 - Work with all features of TRx - Work with CallerID in TRx NCH does not provide a list of compatible modems. Ascendis Software does have a list - but there appear to be no modems that have the item
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