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  1. I just upgraded to the latest version of Videopad Profession. I can't find the snapshop button. I've read the help files and watched several videos that show using the snapshot button, by I can't find it anywhere. Where is it?!
  2. When I play the selected clip in the preview window the audio plays at normal speed but the video plays in slow motion. The audio ends and the slow video continues. Why does this happen? How can I fix it? Why doesn't NCH fix it?
  3. When trying to capture video from my Sony PC330 camcorder, capture does not work. --using VideoPad 2.41 professional --camera is connected via iLink cable to my Windows XPHome computer --Window Movie Maker can capture just fine --the controls along the bottom of the capture video window do control the camera --no preview of the video shows up in the capture video window --a file is created on the hard disk, but it is empty (0 megs) --the section of the capture video window that should contain the video does not update, and sometimes shows an image from another window How can I get VideoPad to capture from my camera? Thanks for all your good work there at NCH. your customer, John
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