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  1. I am about to go crazy. if i try to enter either a recieved invoice either to accouts payable or direct payments, and want to divide the amount between two expense accounts. the program will only calculate vat from one account putting the screen of balance. if i f.example get a invoice on 4000kr + 1000kr VAT and i want to devide the amount between say. 2000kr on vehicle care and 2000on fuel expenses.the program will only calculate 500kr VAT from vehicle care thus throwing the of balance with the result 2000+2000+500=4.500 where it should be 5000. I´ve tried to report a bug, but The NCH hav
  2. I don´t really know. But i have dealt with refunds by issuing a credit note, and then in customer payment dialog just input a negative amount.
  3. Does anyone know why i get all the correct details on the VAT report, except total expenses shows 0 ??
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