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  1. First time using Doxillion, but I have converted a PDF file to DOCX. The conversion went OK, but when I tried to edit the tesxt, it seems to be an image, i.e., there is a cross and upon clicking it, a border comes up and all I can do, is move the whole text around. OK. I then tried to convert it to HTML, opened up FrontPage and the same happened - well, where I was expecting text, all I got was a missing image symbol. What's going on? I have recently pruchased the full program. Thanks.
  2. Been having a problem for most of the day, trying to log into my web-host server using both Classic FTP, Fling (and my other FTP program FileZilla) All my log in details are correct and I can log in my other websites. Another odd thing is that I contacted my web-host supports and they were able to log in. I've also tried it on both PC and laptop and get the same results. Anyone any ideas or suggestions? Thanks. Classic log: 21:03:13 Classic FTP Run 21:03:14 Click the Connect button to connect to a site 21:03:27 Connecting to server: webhost.daily.co.uk. 21:03:27 Connectin
  3. Just trying out Debut but recordings stop after ten seconds. Is this because I am using a trial version?
  4. Hi all. I have just started to evaluate Eyeline on my wildlife cameras and I have been trying to find out if there is a way to auto-start recording when motion is detected? Recording continuosly seems a waste of CPU time and disk space. I know I can manually start recording as soon as the Alert is sounding off, but sometimes I am not near my PC when this happens and, being disabled, I can't get to the keyboard quick enough. Also, I have some software from PYSoftware that has this facility. MTIA Ken
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