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  1. Download and install axon 1.07 version. Dont worry, your new installation will not erase anything on your old version. It will just auto upgrade the old one when you download and install the new version. I dont guarantee it will solve the your problem though. Upgrade to the new version at your own risk. Jetjet
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    The following are needed to register an external line to the Axon virtual IP PBX External Line Line Name: Server: ID or User Name: Password: If these fields are not filled up, then no external line can be added. Jetjet
  3. You are dealing with two networks. I suspeck that 102 is one number inside Axon network. when you go over to the Asterix side and dial 102 using one of the Asterix extension, your call is looking for number 102 within the Asterix network which I suspect is not present. You need to review your dial plan for Asterix extension to ring phones inside axon networks. The dial plan rules you define in the axon network applies for axon Extension numbers only. You must have dial plans for your asterix extension too.
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