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  1. This may be an old post but the issue is still unresolved, or has it? I have been having this issue since upgraded my mac to high sierra and now Mojave. Recently, I tested Express account on my home computer, MacOS (Mojave) on a Mac Pro, and surprisingly the item list is in alphabetical order, but on my iMac in the office, it is not, I also tested on my Macbook with High Sierra (since that's the last highest version it could go) and still the item list are not in alphabetical order. I am not sure where this is happening, and there is no settings that I could change to make this work
  2. I too am facing this issue, I'm on Mac. I have been using EA 5.03 (don't even dare to update to 5.08 or upper) on a Mac, after upgrading my Mac to High Sierra, I am facing product list not in alphabectical order and other modules are also facing the same. I thought the newer version of EA might solve my problem and almost wanted to purchase the upgrade, I downloaded the trial version and tested on Mac OSX Mojave, to my horror it is even worse. If I go to "Account Payable" module, linking the Purchase Order did not even filter the list to the specific supplier list, I will show all other s
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