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  1. Oh well, too many suggestions. <G> I think it is a bug in VRS because the US Robotics modem worked properly with all terminal programs I tried using COM3, maybe VRS doesn't autodetect the COM port properly, and it is missing manual COM port selection in the options. Anyway, I replaced the modem with an Intel Ham 56K V92 and now CID detection works.
  2. Hi, I'm testing VRS and so far it works pretty well, except for the fact that Caller ID is not detected at all by the program. Modem is an US Robotics 56K Win INT. If I open up a Terminal on COM3 (port assigned to the modem), when I call my phone I get RING DATE = 0428 TIME = 0217 NMBR = 4566XXXX NAME = O So I'm sure the modem has Caller ID, why it doesn't show on VRS? And one suggestion: in the Recording Options, Record file name format, it would be nice to have an option to save the detected DTMFs / CID on the filename. Example outputs: 280412-0228, Line1, OutXXXXXXXX.wav
  3. I second this question, a "What's new" would be great.
  4. I don't plan to use it on a LAN, just over a 56kbps upstream broadband connection. G729 does perfectly on this bandwidth, G711 or G726 don't. Please look at my previous posting: http://nch.invisionzone.com/index.php?show...entry7669 G729 seems to be free for non-commercial use, and Axon is not a commercial product so it should be OK to use it, or am I wrong? How comes FWD does support it?
  5. I'd like to know if it is possible to use G729 with Axon and a SPA-3000. I got everything configured and working with G711 but when I configure the SPA to use G729 my calls are disconnected... If I configure the SPA to use FWD, it works perfectly on G729. Any thoughts?
  6. Too bad G.729 can't be used with Axon I'm using FWD's servers because of this...
  7. Marton

    G729 Codec

    Could it be added to Axon so it supports it? It is non-commercial (freeware) so I think we don't break the following agreement... (FWD's server already supports it) Here it is: VoiceAge, of Montreal, announces the "Open G.729(A) Initiative," which allows developers to freely use their G.729(A) codec object code for non-commercial purposes. This initiative provides you with an opportunity to work with the G.729(A) [http://www.itu.int/rec/recommendation.asp?type=items&parent=T-REC-G.729-199611-I!AnnA] codec for free while developing products or applications. Take advantage of
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