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  1. UPDATE: I was able to get the mic and the speakers to stream live on Broadwave, but enabling the "stereo mix" gives all audio a horrible reverb effect that makes it almost impossible to listen to. I have disabled all audio effects and tried everything I know how. Now I'm back to only being able to stream the mic. I was able to do this with Windows XP no problem, why not with Windows 7?
  2. Okay, first, I have read the topics posted by KenA on getting Broadwave to run on Windows 7. My goal is to stream audio that I am playing on my computer through iTunes, YouTube, Pandora, etc. as well as stream my voice from my microphone. I am doing a live internet radio show. I had it working with my old PC running Windows XP, but it had some issues, so I just purchased a new PC with Windows 7. I have the speakers plugged in to the "line out" port (green) and the mic plugged into the "mic" port (pink). The only way I have been able to get Broadwave to stream the audio coming from my
  3. Hi Ken, I have been following your tips for getting Broadwave Audio to run on Windows 7. My husband just bought this new desktop with Windows 7 on it and I was previously running Broadwave on XP. My goal is to have a mic hooked up to the PC and have that streaming AND to have any music I play from my computer (iTunes, YouTube, Pandora etc.) streaming as well. I have the mic in the "line in" (blue) port and my speakers in the "line out" (green)port. On the Realtek audio manager that comes up I can only make EITHER "line in" or "Stero Mix" the default device, so that confused me. I
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