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  1. I purchased the business addition yesterday and the enterprise today. No matter how many times I reinstall/ restart I still have the copy from the trial (downloaded suite)and my copy looks nothing like your screenshot. I went through the initial online registration process each time and have received my activation key each time but I have no registration option under my file menu like I did with the Express Talk. I assume this is why the agent "Ready" (for next call) button is not an option. Everything else seems to work- I have successfully connected server to VOIP account. Agent can dial out through server and connect. Agent can login. Agent can view, join campaign. Agent can see the script. Agent CANNOT hit the "Ready" button because it is grayed out and therefore, agent cannot interact with campaign. I'm under a lot of pressure to get this up and running and I just can't believe that I spent all day just trying to figure out how to register it like the instructions say. I'm still waiting on paid support to reply but her one reply instructed: "To register Software; Launch Software and click File-> Register Software... IGNORE the serial number box Use the copy/paste option to input the Name/Location/ID Key into the corresponding boxes. Be sure to leave out any leading or trailing spaces. Click Help-> About to confirm you have correctly entered your registration details." Well, like I said, that's just not an option! Thanks, AC
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