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  1. Before I got your reply about Switch 1.04, just by chance I had updated DirectX when I got an Microsoft reminder about critical updates etc. Sometimes ol' Bill and co may just earn a cent or two of their gazillions. Then surprise, even though I'd unchecked Wavepad for wma files, when I downloaded one off the net it opened up automatically in Wavepad. The first processing window that appears has something about decoding with DirectX. That, I think, is at the root of the problem here. Now being able to do mostly what I want. Still could use a more direct and controllable way to re-record the
  2. I'm using the versions of Wavepad (1.10) and Switch (1.03) I downloaded on 14 December. I also downloaded and installed the component for wmawav, although this hasn't been asked for. I have recorded stereo wma files using an Olympus DM10 digital voice recorder. They are admittedly rough recordings of live acoustic music, which I'd like to edit and then convert to mp3. These files are saved on my hard drive, not on CD. The files open and play with no problem in Windows Media Player 9, and they are not DRM - the license tab under properties is blank. I also have no problem burning them to CD
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