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  1. Thanks, rajan412! I will definitely try to reinstall and let you know if that makes a difference. :-)
  2. Thanks, vapors, so much for the suggestions. I did create a new place to put the sound file (in fact, I tried it in two different locations)and nothing worked. I'm guessing that your second point is where the problem is. I have tried a number of combinations. Your comment gave me an idea: It may be worth trying to use a mic through the sound card instead of the USB. BUT, the program did NOT tell me that there was no data. SoundTap will not create a file when it has nothing to record (like if the input is not enabled), and it gives you a message that it did not create a file. In these cases, I was definitely getting sound (because the sound bars moved) and I got no message that the file was not created. Everything looked exactly the same as when I was successfully getting sound from a web site. Thanks again!
  3. I'm running SoundTap v2.11 on Windows 7 (64). It worked perfectly when recording audio from web sites. Now I am trying to record from a microphone to create WAV files. The microphone is a Plantronics USB mic and works fine. The setup looks perfect; the "sound bars" are moving; the messages look good and tell me that I created a file. But the file never appears. I checked the box that says "Also record from microphone." Tried lots of times, but no success. I looked at the help file, but it said to check if DirectSound "is configured to use DirectSound: SoundTap Recorder." I don't know because I cannot find any information on how to do that. I would appreciate greatly any and all suggestions because I'm stumped. Thanks!
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