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  1. sounds like you'd need the uncompiled version of the software, then add the extra 0, then recompile it. On a side note i'm looking for anyone who has purchased, and is actively using this as a solution.
  2. Hello, I'm trying to create an automated telephone ordering system with the IVM product. I downloaded the demo and have started to create the system. This is going rather well however I have a few questions and there does not seem to be any sort of sales team that i can actually communicate with. So here are my hurdles: 1. In IVM you can record portions of the call and supplement them to a wav file. 1a. Does this create a new wav file for every call or is it all supplemented to one single wav file? 1b. DialDictate seems to dictate and email voice I need on a per call basis the system to send an email of the dictated call. Is this possible? 1c. In line with the above 2 questiosn the idea situation would be each phone call's voice recordings as individual wave files with a corresponding common identifier, which also sends out per call emails with the dictated voice recording. 2. What specific configuration do i need to handle the 64 simotaneous calls? 3. Is anyone currently using any sort of setup like this so I can give my client the number so they can actually test a live working system? As of now i have the IVM 50% constructed, above stated is the ideal situation, if the software or combined softwards can come close fantastic. The actual implementation of this is going to be selling 1 product, running the tv ad campaign and giving them an 800 number. Just like shamwow, orange clean, or any other as seen on tv ad that's ever aired. Cash in hand just need to prove this solution will work. I feel i'm 1/2 way there. Thanks, jerel
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