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  1. I'm tossing up between the two "Professional Transcription Foot Pedals" sold on this site (one by VEC and the other by ... VPE?). There's not enough technical specs listed about the products and trying to contact the company seems impossible. I'm interested to know the size and weight of the two pedals and any other recommendations or comments from people who use either of them. I want something sturdy but it will be travelling with me and small and light would be good. I've used the VPE and found it fine (although I've given up trying to run Express Scribe on a Mac, and downloaded vpeda
  2. I'm seeing exactly the same error, running 10.3.9 on a PowerBook. CPU maxs out and the sound distorts. I'm running Express Scribe 4.04. I know a bunch of other people using the programme on various flavours of Windows OS and have never heard reports of this. As it is, the programme is unusable on a Mac.
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