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  1. ok found the reason why I don't see the stop buttun. This was removed in version 2.20 It is still there in V2.1
  2. I have some troubles with this part. I don't see a stop button (okay the solution will be something easy and I will feel like an idiot). Can you explain this a little more? Thanks. Kris
  3. Am I the only one that does not find the way to stop the server to replace it by another? Just to keep the load on the pc lower.
  4. first thing to do is make sure that your pc has a fixed IP adres.Therefor open your network connection and look at the current IP adres, gateway, dns ... you just need to copie the same numbers in the TCP IP V4 protocol of your network. Once that is done and the pc is still able to connect to the internet you need to log on to your router. There you need the page with "portforwarding". Here you enter the IP adres (that you made fixed just before) and as port you need to enter "86" (this is the standart port for this software).
  5. Hello, each time I reboot the pc running the software I need to re-enter the streams for the camaras. What do I have to do to keep those saved? Kind regards, Kris
  6. Hello, my ISP blockes port 86. Does anybody know how you can change the port to another like 2086 or something? Kind regards, Kris
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