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  1. I am in the process of testing the software. Have express scribe, Dictate, and Delegate all configured and working. The problem I have is the transcriptionist are only getting one job at a time. How can this be changed? Thanks
  2. We are preparing to switch from Dictaphone to the Express System, but have a couple of questions. The website says if you purchase a license for DialDictate you get a free license of Express Dictate. Does this also apply if we purchase the site enterprise license for DialDictate with unlimited users we also get unlimited licensing for Express Dictate? Also, we will be purchasing a modem to be used with DialDictate. I would like to confirm that the AltoEdge TELCTAUSB2 and TELCTAUSB4 are compatible with the latest version of DialDictate. Thanks in advanced for your help.
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