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  1. I resolved this issues by reinstalling Debug Video Capture 1.61, somehow I noticed there is a copy with "beta" tag at upper right corner previously. Choose Microsoft ADPCM with audio compression on AVI default video compress will give a fully working recorded video. Attach file is the sample configuration as mentioned above.
  2. I am using Debut Video Capturing software v1.61 at .AVI mode with its default Encode Options. The video captured does not consists of full audio length but missing or no sound in the mid of the .AVI file captured. Please advise.
  3. a bit doubt and cannot find informations from NCH website about the reason to upgrade to Debut Video Capture Pro Edition. 1. What's the different between Free and Pro Edition ? any idea or links would be appreciated.
  4. I have tried Debut Video Capture 1.61 and found out the following issues. I am using A4Tech G6-70D wireless mouse, after installed its driver or before, 1. Debut Video Capture's Options->Record->Screen Capture->Highlight Cursor seems lost its attributes after recording. The side mouse icon is statically stayed alone with the mouse cursor with left mouse button down constantly on its image within preview screen after recording is done. Please advise.
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