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  1. Hi All - I am having a very serious problem. I am using the zoom effect on almost all pics in my slideshow (to create a Ken Burns effect) and the problem I am having is that once I click on the zoom tag, the photo automatically becomes a thumbnail or the screen just goes black. If I play with the effect I may get it to work, but on some pics it simply won't work. Does anyone have any ideas. This is so completely frustrating. I am using simple jpgs, do I have to change the photo format??
  2. I've created an awesome slideshow, about 10 minutes long with music. All works great but when I go to save the slideshow, no matter what format, the production times at about 6-9% and an error message comes up that the program has crashed. I've tried burning to DVD, CD, creating an AVI or FLV, everytime its the same. So frustrating! Does anyone have a guess as to what might be wrong?
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