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  1. Hello I have a Windows Small Business Server 2008 with an Viewcast OSPREY100 video card installed. The server is a Fujistu Siemens TX100 S1. I´ve installed BroadCam Live Video Streaming but i cannot see the video. When i access to the software url in jpg streaming for example it does not show anything neither the software bars that indicate that video is not present. I´ve contacted problems Viewcast that says that everything should work ok but recently they said to me that probably some component is missing. I tried the the same set of OSPREY100 and BroadCam Live Video Streaming in a Windows 7 machine and it worked really fine. I am now a bit without any other ideas about. I´ve installed the desktop experience in server but it does not solve the problem. I´ve installed a new card FX Quadro 1400 with DirectX support but the problem remains. Does anyone has any idea. Thanks ina advance. Best regards
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