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    Hi Brad, Been a while and now using the software (free version still) Is there any update in a paid version that lists unpresented cheques on the reconciliation report? The version I am using reconciles the account BUT the unpresented cheque(s) are not reported on the reconciliation report which is really frustrating.
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    BTW thanks Brad for your reply
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    CHECKS Main Screen> View> Checks - shows a list of checks, however it does not display the check numbers - it displays the Payments numbers. The system does not show the check numbers on any screen that I can find. We have worked around this by putting the check number in the folio description text area - that makes the checks easier to account for during reconciliation. RECONCILIATION Yes you can reconcile accounts and the reconciliation is correct against the bank statements but the reports such as the Balance sheet is not correct. I you have an unpresented check the some of the reports in this software take the check out of their balance which is not correct - the check should only be deducted once it is presented ie at that point the system balance and the bank balance do not agree. Perhaps this is a bug in the free version. We will just have to ensure that there are no unpresented checks at year end when reports are sent to the auditor because the reports will not agree with the bank statement if there are.
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    Hi BradUSA Thanks for your reply - When I open the checks screen. There is no listing (column)for check number. The headings on my system are; Date, Number (this is the Payment Number as it is prefixed with PMT) Supplier and Status. Like you put I a description in the Folio notes and I have been putting the cheque number there for easy identification when reconciling. I dont get the status (surely Open should be ones that are NOT presented one would expect Closed are ones that are presented) - but not the end of the world. What I don't understand is that unpresented checks are taken out of the bank balance in various reports eg Bank Balance b/f $1,000, you write 2 checks for $100 each one is presented the other is not - the bank account balance should be $1000-$100=$900 yet looking at the Balance Sheet report and the Account Enquiry report both give the bank account balance as $800 - including the $100 that has not been presented. The little summary window (bottom left) also has the account listed as the balance including the unpresented check - its assuming it has cleared when it has not. In the Reconcile account section the unpresented cheque $100 has NOT been ticked and therefore pops up again in the next reconciliation - and will do until ticked. I understand that is as it should be. Surely the balance at the bank at period end MUST balance with the Balance sheet at the end of the same period? There is also no mention in the reconciliation report of the unpresented check - which is annoying. Has anyone else noticed this? - am I doing something wrong? Again I am still using the free version so not sure if that has an impact. Cheers Baroo
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    Very new to this software and I am using the free version. Under the >Options>Number tab there is an option to enter a check number - I assume to start auto check numbering. But I cannot see the check number field (or option to input) on any of the payment entry screens? Where is the number actually seen on any screen or report? Bank Reconciliation The bank rec does not seem to list the cheques that have not been presented? And I cannot see a report that lists unpresented checks? View Checks I don't understand the status - the checks are noted as open - they have been checked off in the bank rec - whats does the status mean? Appreciate any advice on this please.
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