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  1. When I finish a dictation, I send the dictation to a dedicated folder on my system. Now I'm receiving this error box each time. How to fix please: Error moving dictation to the Sent Folder. Please check that a dictation with the same file name does not already exist in the destination folder. When I check and re-set the path to the right folder, still does not allow send. Please help
  2. Regarding record volume level: The help section does not explain the effect of sliding the level to the right (more green showing). What is the effect of moving record volume level to the right? Does this make my voice louder to the typist? How does this interact with voice activation level? I have already adjusted the voice activation to more sensitive (to the right). I'm trying to eliminate the hesitation at the front of recording sessions. Thanks in advance.
  3. Thank you: Yes, I have voice activation on and the sensor activation level is at -8db. I also note my record level is at -25db... Those number are meaningless to me... I can't tell if they are hi, low or in between. Are there optimal or recommended ranges? I'm in a quiet room, alone when I record, using a pretty good quality SpeechWare 3-in-1 table mike. BTW, I did just download the latest v 5.93... Thanks again:
  4. Hello: When I press record to start dictating, there is about a 1-2 second delay before my voice is picked up. This doesn't sound like a lot, but I'm getting reports back where the typist can't get the first word. I'm trying to delay my thoughts and words to ensure that all words are caught. But, isn't there something wrong? Is there a setting I need to adjust so that recording starts exactly when I hit "record". Thanks in advance. BC
  5. Several days have gone by with no response from NCH support on my above issue. Pocket dictate is an iPhone app that now doesn't work completely with the new OS 5 on iPhone. Fortunately, the hardwired "Voice Memos" app in iPhone has been updated for OS 5 and I've gone to it for dictation. The file type is m4a which is, apparently, supported within Express Scribe (according to my transcriptionist). I'll dump the Pocket Dictate.
  6. When I try to set up gmail as email server on Pocket Dicate (PD) iPhone app, I receive the following error: "Encryption required for requested email server. Please check your email settings" Things I've tried: 1) Turned off SSL setting in server set up view in PD 2) Turned off HTTPS secure setting within gmail Asking for more suggestions. Thanks in advance.
  7. I have downloaded the trial version of v 5.28 and have given up trying to set up typist's email. Your Windows 7 product never accepts it. What is working is choosing "File Copy" method and .wav file format. I then manually attach it from my created sound file folder on my drive to an encrypted email (I have a subscription encryption service for email). Here is the problem: a 40 minute sound file is *10 MB*. That is huge compared to previous versions of ED I used in Win XP. Same length would be 4 MB (sent via email option within ED). Now I have already gone to your faq which I quote here: "Email Sending Takes Too Long You should select an audio compression format to reduce file size so files upload faster. To do this select Options -> Sending -> Properties -> File -> Select Audio Compression Format and select a suitable format. For information about audio formats, see www.nch.com.au/acm. The recommended format is GSM6.10." First, your instructions don't work for v5.28: There is no "File" tab within properties. I find the GSM6.10 format here: Options -> Sending -> Properties -> Format -> Audio Encoder Settings. There are other formats in there, highly techno-abbreviated. How should a non-technical user know which compression format or how to adjust? I don't understand why a file created through "File Copy" send method is apparently uncompressed, and a file sent through email is compressed to less than half that size. Have I found where I adjust compression for File Copy send method? Which compression options in the list should I use for smaller compression? Thanks in advance
  8. Update: I have confirmation of a refund from NCH.
  9. A further thought: I am running MS Office 2010. That means my email client is Outlook 2010-- the typist's email address is in my Outlook 2010 Contacts. Does ED need to be compatible with email client? Has ED been fully tested with Outlook 2010?
  10. Re ticket: #XDZ-22534-568 Dear technical support: I purchased v 5.23 on Feb 10. Today is Mar 6 and it still does not work properly. It does not accept my typist's email address- "invalid email address." You sent a "debug" program to me on Feb 28. It also is non-working. Execute file causes error messages and program does not install. I sent you the screen shots of the debug program with the error messages on Mar 2. I am asking that you stay in touch with me to get this fixed. Or refund my money. I am willing to transfer the purchase to the web version, if the web version has been properly tested and is ready for the public. This experience with Express Dictate is very disappointing. I used v 4.03 for 6 years with absolutely no problems. I have asked that you stay in touch with me, and days go by with no reply ... The problem version (v 5.23) cost me $79 and I am unable to use it.
  11. OK, I appreciate the reply above with some status and answers to questions. Please stay in touch with me. I have used ED since 2005, without any difficulties. It is an important tool in my business..
  12. RE: Express Dictate version 5.23. Support ticket: YQP-82914-478 I had to buy a new license this past February 10 when I moved to Windows 7 64 bit. Today is Feb 23 and it has not worked so far. The set up routine *will not accept* my typist's email address (which worked fine in previous old license). Keeps giving "Invalid Email Address." This is under Recipient Properties > Send Method > Email Properties. I have written tech support over 3 times. One tech wrote back to re-register --I've done this with no success. I've done what was asked, but now they do not respond. It appears that they charge money for support and they want a support payment now. I've been a long-time user (5 years) and I've never seen a situation where you buy a software which doesn't work, and they want more money for support! Are these possible causes: Question: 1) Is ED v 5.23 compatible with 64-bit Windows? I saw a note at the website that it is compatible with 32-bit machines. 2) Does my "user email" (from registration) need to match the "reply email" in the Email Properties set up? Thank you in advance: Brad
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