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  1. Why does emailing invoice seem t be such a problem with Express invoice. Some time I have to try like 4 times before it'll actually go through!!! And sometimes it'll go through write away and sometimes I can try like 10 times and got to come back the next day and try. The fact that when it does goes through means my seetings are right in my router and so on. So I think its the damn free software. I'm like so mad right now I'd like to punch my computer. Id buy the paid version in a blink but I'm not conviced the paid will be any better and this forum has like NO NO NO Replies!!!! So what the point in even messing with NCH. I should just go buy some simple invoice software somewhere eles. Sorry NCH I really liked you but your bugs suck
  2. I have a simple Express Invoice Question. when I email an invoice to a customer, in the customers Yahoo email inbox, in the "from" it says ExpressInvoice@yahoo.com On my other computer it says From: (my yahoo email address) How do I change this. Customers cant email expressinvoice@yahoo.com but that is what by defualt comes up. Help Help Help
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