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  1. The only way I found to correct this problem was manually editing the registry entry. I checked the registry on a computer where this worked and duplicated it on the computer that wasn't working properly.
  2. An update... I've since uninstalled the software, shut down the computer, reinstalled the software from nch website and the same problem any ideas? I'm running Win7 64
  3. When I try to "send" a recording to a "file", I enter a local folder on the disk. I get an error message "invalid folder or drive". I've tried a usb stick (E:\), a local folder (C:\Temp), and a network drive. I get the same error message. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software and nothing solved the problem. I get the same error whether I go to complete the "optons =>send" or send it by each recording any suggestions? using V5.53
  4. I have downloaded Express Dictate to my computer (Winxp professional). I am able to record and hear the playback. I transferred it to my assistant who uses Express Scribe. When I play it back using Express Scribe the recording is very faint. I've used the iPhone app to record and I don't experience these problems. I purchased a separate microphone to plug into the microphone port on my pc. Any suggestions? thank dave
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