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  1. has MMIR internet radio up and running 24/7...

  2. Hi KenA, Thank you for the reply, but i am now up and running. You were right...i did do a manual config and that solved the problem. Cheers, Ian.
  3. Hi, I have installed Broadwave and followed all the instructions correctly (I think), but i just cannot get past my router. I can hear my broadcasts on all the computers linked into the router in my home (4). I have run the program PFPortchecker, it says everything is fine. I have run the Broadwave test wizard and it tells me that my UPnP is not activated on my router, however; i have checked my router settings and it tells me that UPnP is activated. My router is a Belkin F5D8236-4, i am running windows Vista an the server PC. Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Ian.
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