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    I was interested in how many people were listening to recorded sermons and live sessions. I did not see on so I wrote one. I upload the log files in the early morning from the Broadwave server to my web server and process them there. This is a work in progress. There are lots of duplicated records in the log file. This version counts how many times a sermon was downloaded. An how many unique IP visitors per Day for the last 10 weeks. I plan to add peek connections per Day for the last 10 weeks. If anyone is interested let me know. The link is http://www.nlftn.org/bwlogs/list.php http://www.nlftn.org/bwlogs/list.php?ldebug=1 Will show the log entries being processed.
  2. I built a server for a small church. Their audio staff changes from week to week. They often start recording the live session but forget to stop the recording till hours later. Is there an option to limit recording time or file size so I don't run out of disk space?
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