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  1. YEP! So I found no way around this hassle with Classic FTP. I took my Host's advice and installed Filezilla, which in my opinion is not as good as Classic FTP was on my old machine but YEP WRX !! So in a month's time I will perhaps look at it. Looks like I did my dough though. All this just for a convenient way to upgrade Wordpress (my way) and upload 'stuff' to the blogs, aside from using the Site Admin transfer. We have a lot of fun wasting time and money here, huh?
  2. I have precisely the same fault here. Except, I see the LOG section of the window as having a black background. The other day (New Years Day) the system here crashed and this is a new PC with new install of Classic FTP (more cash). Classic FTP worked like a dream before - now it connects fine but shows NOTHING in the directory it's connected to. Nor does anything happen when I try to upload something to it. My ISP says he sees my logging in with the FTP and he cannot understand why it's not working. Would really like an answer on this.
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