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  1. I think you responded to the wrong thread. The issue is still open. Mystified1
  2. I bought and installed the software suite. I am trying to start express ripper from START>all programs>NCH Software Suite>Express Ripper and I get a message "An install-on-demand component is required for this operation" (more text about file size and can be deleted if necessary) I click on the "install" box and get the error message "cannot install (burnsetup) ... because another program is running..." and the install quits. I repeated it with all programs closed according to task manager. Still the same error message. I tried starting from c:\programfiles\NCH swift sound\expressrip\expressripper.exe and it works OK. I have the same problem starting any of the other programs from the Start>all programs> NCH Software Suite> Any ideas? Thanks, Mystified1
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