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  1. I am seriously thinking about getting one of these (Virtual PBX and IVM) NCH systems. If I do, I would like to implement (as close as possible) a system similar to a small virtual call centre so I can easily streamline and expand/contract my businesses, as suits. Can someone who has set these systems up please tell me how easy they are to; 1) Get working properly (without paying too much for email technical support)? 2) Set up with Optus multiline or Telstra ISDN systems? 3) What types of Telstra/Optus products you are currently running with the NCH software? Also, can anyone tell me what the minimum Telstra and Optus requirements are for the NCH systems to operate and also to “create” multiple phone numbers so I can allocate different numbers to different businesses and their individual areas. Do they require an Optus Multi-line product similar to Telstra’s ISDN 10? Is the minimum requirement always a product such as that described within point 2, or is there some other "fancy" technology in the NCH systems that allows multiple numbers to be created with only one standard (residential style) physical Optus/Telstra connection. Regards, Jim.
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