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  1. Hello, We are planning to purchase Telephone Dictation System for UK clients. We have Amazon Cloud Instance to install Telephone Dictation System. Below is the configuration of Amazon Cloud Virtual Instance: • Windows 2008 Server • Minimum 20 GB of free hard disk space • Minimum 2.86GHZ Dual-Core • Minimum 612MB RAM • We Can Install Virtual Sound Card, but there is no physical sound card or any device attached. • Network Card and Broadband Internet Connection available.(DHCP connection) For your information and knowledge, it is not possible to attach any physical hardware on
  2. Hi, We have Amazon virtual server. We convert audio files from MSV to MP3 format through "Switch software". But, we can not convert on Amazon server. Previously, we have Windows server 2003 machine. We had successfully converted .MSV files by Switch software. Amazon Server has windows server 2003 with 32 bit. We already have installed sony plugin software to convert .MSV format then also no success. If we use "Digital Voice Editor 3" software on same Amazon server then we can convert .MSV audio files to .MP3 format. But we want to use Switch software. Can you please help us
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