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  1. Sorry, I'm new at this Forum, so different from other ones I'm using. Don't really know where to post my reply. Don't mean to override your message, if that's what it's doing. SO SORRY.
  2. Just like you, but mine's an mp3 file. The only thing I hear is a voice saying "F1 Key". I HOPE A CUSTOMER TECH PERSON HELPS US SOON. Come on you guys out there, please help us.
  3. I've spent two whole weekends on this and still not solved the problem! At last I'm able to load the dictation piece which is an MP3 file. I click "load" on the main screen where the ExpressScribe transcribing image is, then I get another screen where my document files are, I point to my transcription tape file, and click "Load" again. But when I go back to the main ExpressScribe page where the Welcome Tape is, my dictation tape does not appear there. I click "Play" but all I hear is "F1 Key". Can anyone help? How do you make the transcription file appear on the main page where all the dict
  4. Hi Denise, I'm having the same problem as you and would appreciate some help. I too have installed the ExpressScribe for transcription purposes, and it's driving me crazy as I can't load the dictation piece which is in my e-mail in Outlook Express. I've even saved it in my documents/letters folder, but it just won't open. It's an .mp3 file, whatever that is, but it says ExpressScribe is compatible with that. Time is running out for me to do this transcription test. Any ideas anyone? Anne
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