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  1. Hello Cornflake, first of all I'd like to say that this forum isn't very active. I've seen postings made in the ice age that haven't been replied to. What version are you using. I'm using V 1.49 which I must say works very well apart from the Run External Exe feature which won't work with WinMail for auto emailing clips. How do you upload, as v 1.49 doesn't have the ftp and email features that the earlier versions had? I don't know why they're not included now. Regards Kimaro
  2. Thats a very interesting project. I personally suffer from tinnitus, and have had it for many years now after having played guitar in a rock band in my younger days. Are you trying to duplicate the frequency heard by the sufferer or masking it with a frequency out of hearing range? White noise is supposed to have some effect as it contains a broad spectrum of frequencies.
  3. Can anybody help me with this problem? I want to set the Run EXE feature to open Windows Mail and insert the file attachment name ready to send. Is this possible? I have tried a couple of times and just locked up winmail, and had to restart pc. Not too sure what command to put in. Have tried browsing to the winmail.exe and adding %file%, but that doesnt work.
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